VISIT NATURAL EXPO INDIA 2023 – Are you interested in the latest developments from the world of natural food, natural fabrics and natural cosmetics and care and would like to establish new contacts? Then you are in the right place at NATURAL EXPO INDIA! And there are even more reasons to join us on 3 – 5 August 2024.

1. Make new contacts and discover new markets!

NATURAL EXPO INDIA sees itself as the central gathering for people who work with an appreciation of life, the environment and their fellow human beings. There is room for lateral thinkers, businesspeople, pioneers, activists, innovators, networkers or simply anyone interested. At NATURAL EXPO INDIA you get a wide network and get to know local and international players and labels.

2. Find trends and evaluate the development in INDIA!

The conference parallel to the exhibition is designed to transfer knowledge, exchange information, discuss and form opinions. At round tables, presentations and open panel discussions with top-class speakers, you will listen to expert´s opinions on current trends and get exclusive insights into developments in the organic and natural sector of INDIA. Talk to passionate exhibitors and learn about their product range and manufacturing.

3. Knowledge platform!

Representatives from politics, associations, NGOs, VIPs and other opinion formers and figures of public interest meet at NATURAL EXPO INDIA. Here the stakeholders discuss future market issues and jointly shape the current and future policy of the organic and natural sector. Parallel to the exhibition the conference program with international speakers and panel discussions as well as a variety of workshops during the exhibition will inform and exchange knowledge about the organic and natural sector of INDIA.

4. Take a look into the future of the natural sector!

Natural health and food and personal care is a future market, so it’s all the more important to consider how we want to shape the world´s future today. The basis for this must be a common goal - and NATURAL EXPO INDIA is the ideal setting to create this fine-meshed network. This new exhibition brings organic and natural into the world!

5. Meeting place for natural sector!

The exhibition is the get-together for customers, suppliers, opinion leaders and the public.


Tanya Bhardwaj
Assistant Director - Projects
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Abhinav Bhardwaj
Assistant Manager - Projects
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