Meeting place for the natural products sector in India

NATURAL EXPO INDIA is India’s first trade fair for Natural Products by NürnbergMesse India and will be live with its 3rd edition from 28th - 30th October 2021. Co-located with BIOFACH INDIA, the expo is a leading networking and business platform for the sector. It provides ample opportunities for positioning of the brands in the Indian market.

  • All exhibitions outside of Germany are designed to be regional trade fairs reflecting their respective local markets. There will be a focus on networking between national and international industry players.
  • Natural describes those products which are not or not yet certified as „organic“ according to IFOS ( IFOAM Family of Standards). NürnbergMesse has established its own admission criteria of "natural" in cooperation with international associations.

Market access: The organic and natural products market in India are largely spread across the food and beverages, health and wellness, beauty and personal care and textile industries. The highest growth is observed in the organic food segment, followed by textile, beauty and personal care. The current Indian domestic market is estimated at INR40,000 million which is likely to increase by INR100,000 million — INR120,000 million by 2020 with a similar increase in exports.The NATURAL EXPO INDIA will support this movement to convert natural products into organic in the long run and focuses on the development of sustainability in general. This market will play a major role in the future both nationally and internationally.

  • Nowhere else do customers, suppliers, partners and potential new customers meet personally in a comparable way.

Knowledge: NATURAL EXPO INDIA Conference will serve as an opportunity for broad-impact coverage of region-relevant topics and is expected to be developed into an information and communication platform for the whole South East Asia Sector in the future.

Over the past years, it has been observed that especially outside of Europe and the USA the developments of organic markets are closely linked with the developments of natural markets. NATURAL EXPO INDIA will have its 3
rd Edition for natural products organized by NürnbergMesse India when it opens its doors at IEML, Greater Noida, India from October 28 – 30, 2021.

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